Ibici 70 - Bikini Pantyhose


Bikini Pantyhose - 70's - (8-11mmHg)
  (shown at left)

Stay-up Thigh-hi's - 70's (11-14mmHg)

Maternity Pantyhose - 70's (11-14mmHg)

Queen Size - 70's (11-14mmHg)

Knee-Hi's - 70's (11-14mmHg) 

140 Pantyhose with reinforced toe and heal - (18-22mmHg)

140 Knee-hi's - (18-22mmHg) 

140 Stay-up Thigh-hi's - (18-22mmHg)

140 Queen Size - (18-22mmHg)

Also see "Repomen" style, opaque cotton and nylon knee-hi's below; Unisex style - They are Great!

Ladies Products Defined: 70's vs. 140's

What is the significance of Ibici's use of 70's and 140's?

In Europe a denier is the weight in grams of 9,000 meters of the same yarn.
The Segreta Bikini 70 is made with 70 deniers!
The Segreta 140 is made with 140 deniers!

So the 140's are about twice as heavy as the 70's.

Ibici 70, Bikini Pantyhose -

Reinforced toe, sandal heel - 12 Beautiful,Year-round Colors
With a lacey regular panty top with French cut sides, these hose provide a comfortable, lighter compression pantyhose with 8-11mmHg compression.
These stockings are very SHEER and ATTRACTIVE and provide a comfortable support for daily wear. These stockings resist running and are beautiful to wear! Ladies should continue to wear quality compression hosiery indefinitely following treatment.

Ibici 70 Thigh-Hi's -

Reinforced toe and heel - 5 Colors
These hose offer the same support as the Ibici Bikini 70 pantyhose (11-14mmHg). These thigh hi's have beautiful lace tops with a rubber-like ring around the top of each stocking to hold the hose to the leg and thus provides a thigh-hi stocking that stays put without use of glues or garter belts.

Ibici 140 Pantyhose -

Classic pantyhose top, with reinforced toe and heel - 5 Colors
These pantyhose are usually used immediately post treatment (sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy, radiofrequency or laser ablation).
140's offer a heavier compression of 18/22 mmHg. Compared to some other brands of compression hosiery, patients find these much more comfortable and far less binding. Our prices are substantially less!

Ibici Knee-Hi's -

Reinforced toe and heel - 7 Colors
These knee-hi's come in the 140 compression (18-22mmHg) and offer an alternative to the pantyhose style for post-treatment compression.

Ibici 140 Thigh-hi Stay-ups - Nude, Tan, & Black

Offering an 18-22mmHg compression in a comfortable thigh-hi stocking, this style affords the higher compression.
Wonderful for patients who have one leg treated at a time.

Super Stockings of Reno offers compression hosiery for men!

These "Repomen" stockings come in both nylon (dress stockings), as well as a cotton/nylon blend support sock. Compression varies between the two with the nylon offering slightly higher compression than the cotton (16-20 mmHg and 14-18 mmHg, respectively).

Repomen Nylon -

Available only in Black.
5 Sizes
These stockings are made exclusivly for men. These nylon hose provide compression of 16-20mmHg.

Repomen Cotton Men's Hosiery -

Black, white, blue, brown and ecru (tan) - 5 Sizes
A slightly lower compression than the nylon style these hose offer 14-18mmHg compression.
They are very comfortable with the addition of cotton to the socks.

The Cotton/nylon blend is wonderful with tennis shoes or loafers.
The ladies love this style as well!